The goal of this platformer is simple, navigate through the hazards of each room and try to reach the next. There are 25 different rooms, each with numerous hazards that you will have to navigate. Some hazards will test your memory, platforming skills and most of all, your patience. Your only saving grace are the save points in each room. While at times it might not feel like it, every room is 100% beatable (it is only NEARLY impossible, after all). Can you beat all the rooms without raging or quitting?



  • AD - move left and right
  • Spacebar - jump
  • R - reset/reload
  • F - toggle fullscreen mode
  • M - toggle mute   
  • P - bring up menu in game 


  • Move - Left joystick
  • Jump - A/B (Xbox) X/O (PS4)
  • Restart/ Reload - Right Bumper
  • Mute - Left Bumper
  • Menu - Start

Downloadable Version

The downloadable version comes with 3 additional modes for $1:

  • Easy Mode: For those that want to play the game, but need a little help.
  • Gauntlet Mode: One life. No save points. How far can you go before dying?
  • Hell Mode: For those crazy enough to think that normal mode was too easy. Few have beaten normal mode. Will any beat this mode?

Note: If you are having problems with resolution display for the browser version, trying press "f" to view in fullscreen mode.

Credits: Game Design/Coding/Art: Richard Cantu

Music: by michorvath from freesounds


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